WEF: This is EVIL | New World Economic Forum Plans Revealed Under Great Reset

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The world economic forum or WEF has publicly announced their new plan to control the human population and its evil. Interest rates are about to rise again according to the federal reserve. Walmart and Target are quietly cancelling billions in purchases as they prepare for recession and Biden stands by his word that the US will go to war with China if they attack Taiwan.
Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve will sink the US economy, stock market and middle class in order to cool down hot inflation. Biden again says US military will defend Taiwan against China. WEF or World Economic Forum wants lab created meat not land created meat. They say its ethical to grow meat from stem cells vs the old fashioned way. Walmart and Target are stopping billions of dollars in purchases as they prepare for a recession on stop of inflation. Ron DeSantis will be investigated for human trafficking because he is a republican but democrats can move immigrants and it is not called racist or trafficking.

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