Vladimir Putin’s WARNING To NATO & US | Zelensky Begs For Help And Gets Rejected On Two Fronts

Vladimir Putin has intensified his attack on Zelensky and Ukraine while making threats towards the United States and neighboring NATO nations.
Putin has publicly said the sanctions against Russia are seen as an act of War and Russia could use it as an excuse to lash out at other countries.
In the last few days Russian military forces captured the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine. It also happens to be the largest in all of Europe. As of a few minutes ago, Russian intelligence announced it is surrounding a second nuclear plant and will capture it within the next day or so.
Zelensky had a private meeting with 300 US members of congress. He said, give us air cover with a no-fly zone or give us jets to defend ourselves. The United States said they will not provide a no-fly zone as they try to remain a helper to Ukraine without officially entering the war.

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According to multiple sources, Zelensky has begged the US and other European countries for air support but so far none have stepped forward except with money and weapons.
In an attempt to appease Putin, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Schulz told Putin that making Ukraine a NATO member was not on the agenda or horizon. I’m sure this is very hard for Ukraine to hear this, but Germany and NATO feel it might calm Putin’s mind as he seeks to create a buffer between Russia and NATO countries.
Putin does not want NATO or surrounding countries to interfere with his special operation against Ukraine or Russia will accept it as an act of War. Putin said I’ve been telling the United States and Nato they are failing to take serious my desire to not have a NATO country as a neighbor. Its not in the best interest of Russia.
So far 1.2 million people have fled Ukraine with the majority heading to Poland. Putin has hinted that The Russian military has thus far gone light on Ukraine but if any other countries enters the conflict he will intensify his efforts against Ukraine and the other country.
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