US Scientists Say To Watch For Rare Bethlehem Star Event

US Scientists are saying to watch for the rare Bethlehem Star event on the evening of December 21.

US Scientists say we are in for a very rare and special event right before Christmas.
The event is called the Bethlehem star and will be visible for most of North America just after sunset on the evening of December 21st.
Hello and welcome to today’s video. Whenever there is trending news or something extra unique I try to share it with my community.
Well the star of Bethlehem will be available to be seen for the first time since 1226 AD and before that it hasn’t been seen since around 2 BC.
The Bethlehem star isn’t actually a star. The Bethlehem star is actually the alignment of the planet Jupiter and the planet Saturn in such close overlap that the light shining off them appears on earth to be extra bright and extra twinkly.
Now in fairness Jupiter and Saturn have slight overlap about every 20 years as they circle the sun. But its not enough to magnify the light coming off them to create what looks like a new start in the night sky.
However, every now and then they are in such perfect alignment that they appear to be one huge, bright new star in the sky. And that’s what we will be able to experience in just 2 weeks.
Astronomers believe this is the new star that shined around 2 BC is the one discussed in the new testament Jesus story. A star that shined and then was suddenly gone not to be seen again for 1228 years.
So this coming December 21st or Winter Solstice, mark your calendar and make sure to go out and look for the Bethlehem star because you’ll never have another shot at seeing it again in your life time.
Who knows maybe it will be what we need to get out of the 2020 funk. Or it might just be a super rare celestial phenomenon. Either way, I wanted to share this upcoming super event with my community.
I want to remind you, that you are amazing.
I appreciate you being in my community
And I’ll see you on the next video.

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