Stephen Gardner Update. JULY CASH GIVEAWAY: Thus US economy is headed for recession but the White House won’t admit it so they are using the unemployment numbers to make their case. A recession would be one more bad mark on their track record before the election. Sri Lanka has collapsed as a nation. No food, fuel or currency support. Sri Lanka citizens stormed their presidents home and the central bank. The Dutch are trying to shut down farms and farmers so farmers are rebelling with tractors blocking city streets. Mitch McConnell says americans are flush with cash and this is why they aren’t returning to work but they will force them out of money and back to work. Biden says passing $4 trillion in extra spending had nothing to do with the inflation we are living with now. Stock markets are struggling, 401k’s are down, gas is up and so are rates to try to stop inflation. McConnell blamed stimulus checks and the american people. Biden blames everyone and everything but himself.

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This title used to be Government Shut Down Update | Stimulus By Executive Order Requested | Biden’s $1 Billion Commitment

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