They SPIED On YOU and Now They Are BUSTED!

It came out last night that the CDC paid huge amounts of money to buy the cell phone data of American citizens so they could track their movements during covid.
Or in other words the CDC thanks to FOIA requests or the Freedom of Information Act had to admit publicly that they spied on American citizens in order to ensure they were complying with their guidelines. Many of which they have now changed or said weren’t helpful.
So what was the CDC specifically trying to spy on by purchasing our cell phone data?
Well, they wanted to see if Americans were going to churches. They wanted to see who was going to schools. And they wanted to see who was visiting their neighbors. They also specifically spied on people belonging to the Navajo Nation.
The mechanism by which they do this is called data harvesting. According to the freedom of information act paperwork obtained by the group motherboard, the CDC bought the tracking data on 10’s of millions of Americans and were daily monitoring their movement and behavior.
So if you live in America and have a cell phone, you were most likely being spied on. Doesn’t that feel great!
Though this isn’t illegal, it does scream big brother and it does seem on the surface to violate Americans rights to privacy.
Now why they specifically wanted to see if people were going to church or school or what you were doing as a native American Navajo Indian, I have no idea. All I know is that they were spying on you.
The Daily Mail tried to contact the CDC but they won’t answer why they wanted this data or how they used. It.
Boy would I have kept them busy. I went to church and my kids schools a bunch, but never made it to a Navajo community though now I kind of want to make a visit.
Anyway, I don’t have an answer for why they were really spying on American citizens, but they were and now you know.
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