The GREAT RESET Has INFILTRATED The United States Through The WEF And It’s Spreading FAST!

There’s no doubt The great reset being coordinated by the WEF or World Economic Forum has penetrated the United States of America and its affecting our economy, dividing us as a nation, making us turn to government as our only source of help and hope. And this is exactly what they want. The WEF wants to significantly lower the human population, make people eat bugs instead of beef, have all electric cars that can be controlled by the government and oh yeah, they’ve already publicly stated they want governments around the world to co-parent our children. The World Economic Forum has been able to successfully penetrate Canada through Justin Trudeau, The United Kingdom through Boris Johnson and the entire European Union through Ursula Von Der Leyen. Their ideology has also infiltrated the Who or World Health Organization through people like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. And I don’t know that they’ve been able to get to President Joe Biden, but big players in congress and many governors regularly attend their secret meetings in Davos, Switzerland.
Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger once famously said “Control the food, control the people. Control the energy, control the country. Control the money. Control the world.”

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