Stand Alone Stimulus Demanded | Biden Wants Child Tax Credit Checks Passed ASAP | Student Loan Debt

Stephen Gardner Updates his community on Biden’s Stimulus Bill Package and the need for smaller, stand along stimulus bills. President Biden demanded Congress work together to pass the child tax credit checks program. He said nothing of his build back better bill leading many to believe he is open to this stimulus provision being a stand alone bill. Biden said this stimulus needs to be passed ASAP. VP Harris said this isn’t free money. This is an investment in our countries future. Democrats tried to sneak one of their voting rights bills inside of NASA spending bill. Publicly they are pushing HR1 to control voting rights at a federal level while quietly pushing the Freedom To Vote act through a NASA science funding bill. Republicans were angry to see this behavior. Student Loan debt payments will resume on May first. However, many worry about a big uptick in defaulted loans. To make matters worse, the federal reserve plans to raise interest rates 3 times in 2022.

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