Russia Kills Mayor of Ukraine, Putin under fire from Zelensky

Stephen Gardner updates on breaking news. Russia Kills Mayor of Ukraine, Putin under fire from Zelensky

Over 400 dead bodies of civilians have been uncovered near Kyiv. Among the deceased included the mayor of a Ukrainian village. It is being reported that she and her family were kidnapped and tortured before being killed. More civilians have been tortured, but I will not go into vivid detail as the reports are very disturbing. New images via satelite show a 45 foot trench that was dug to act as a mass grave site for the victims.

Zelensky toured the area yesterday stating that victims have been found “in barrels, basements, strangled, and tortured.” He said the Russians “treated people worse than animals” and stated that these war crimes will be remembered as genocide. Zelensky said he is now unsure if he even wants to talk peace with Russia after what they have done to his people. Estonia’s prime minister stated that the photos released resemble “the mass killings by Soviet and Nazi regimes.”

Zelensky spoke to the United Nations today calling for them to remove Russia from the Security Council citing evidence that Russia has breached the agreement. Graphic photos were shown to make his case. He said that if Russia is not removed from the Security Council then he believes they should just dissolve as conversations are useless if actions are never made.

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Russia also spoke today to the United Nations, stating that the reports of alleged atrocities are “criminally-staged events with Ukrainian civilians who were killed by their own radicals.” He went on to make the argument that Russia is only there in the first place to stop the Nazi’s that are carrying out these crimes.

These statements are in direct contradiction with the current data available as satellite images indicate that bodies have been in the streets for weeks, leaving the idea of Ukrainian staging largely out of question.

Following this news, reports have surfaced claiming that the U.S. (in coordination with the G7 and European Union) will be releasing sanctions that will add additional measures that will impose large costs on Russia. The bans are said to include a “ban on Russia investments, increased sanctions on state owned enterprises in Russia, and sanctions on Russian government officials and family members.”

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So far the sanction have done little to stop Putin and the Russian Army but barring a full military entry in defense of Ukraine, I’m not sure what more can be done by NATO nation.

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