READY! New SSI and SSDI Checks Sent Today | Social Security Update 2022

Find out about the new ssi and ssdi checks sent today as It is a very important update. There is good news for millions of Social Security claimants in the United States today as they are set to receive their next payment, so long as they were born between the 20th and 31st of the month. These payments, which are worth up to $1,657, have been sent out and should land in peoples’ accounts in the near future. There are checks totalling more than $10,000 in SSI and SSDI now available, with anyone claiming Social Security able to discover the exact dates that payments are expected to be made. There is a slight increase in the average Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit for recipients, as it has risen by $34 on average to $621 a month. As such, over the course of the year, this amounts to $7,452. Meanwhile, the maximum SSI and SSDI amoun sent t is $841 a month for an individual. Therefore, this comes to $10,092 over a one-year period.

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