Putin Threatens Nuclear Weapons | US and NATO Respond As Zelensky Brokers Cease-fire

Ukraine’s small citizen-formed army continues to hold their ground despite being outnumbered and outgunned by Russia. We have confirmation that Zelensky will be meeting with Russian military leaders on the Belarus border to discuss a resolution. Putin’s’ right-hand man. Lukashenko has assured Zelensky the meeting would be friendly with no planes or helicopters would be in the area. Aid from the United States and Europe is now arriving in Ukraine. Europe is working to remove certain Russian banks from the SWIFT banking system but it’s causing chaos as scared Russian citizens try to empty their bank accounts. Putin has made threats of escalating his use of nuclear weapons. Putin had hoped to divide NATO nations but has instead given them a common enemy. Still, Europe and the US remain cautious as the wrong move could cause a global meltdown in the banking industry, global stock markets, and the energy sectors.

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Putin military invasion is crippling Ukraine faster than expected. Thousands more soldier enter the country along with military equipment. Putin orders faster and harder invasion on Ukraine’s capitol. Russians are now coming up by river and sea with amphibious tanks. The Ukraine military is blowing up its own bridges to slow the flow of soldiers into the capitol. 900 more Russian Soldiers are invading Ukraine right now on Vladimir Putin’s orders. The Russia Ukraine invasion started yesterday in the middle of the night and now they are attacking again tonight. Putin wants Ukraine to bend to his demand or he will take the country. Russia President Vladimir Putin has ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Stephen Gardner updates his community on why Putin and Russia invaded Ukraine. How Biden, the United States and NATO will respond to Putin using Russian military to invade Ukraine. Biden and G7 members put heavy sanctions on Russia and froze $1 trillion in assets in the US.

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