Pelosi’s BOMBSHELL Stimulus Package Update Comments | Dems SAY Americans Will Be HAPPY In The End

Update: Nancy Pelosi makes bombshell comments on next stimulus package. Pelosi said she willing to drop the long term child tax credit checks for kids and to drop raising taxes on large corporations in order to get the stimulus package on President Biden’s desk. Democrats have a new deadline to have something to discuss at the Climate Summit on November 1st in Europe. More and more it seems democrats are focused on green energy policies vs the american people. Some democrat analysts worry Biden is too focus on green energy and his legacy and not enough on the American people. Bernie Sanders former media manager said Biden will kill his presidency by ignoring the problems of the middle class, lower income class, the black community and the most vulnerable. The people want to know will there be a fourth stimulus checks, child tax credit monthly checks, help with daycare and medicaid expansion or is this just a green new deal bill.

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