Our $3,364 Power Bill = $18,000 in Free Home Improvements

If you’re struggling to pay your power bill payments (or other utilities), you’re not alone! A recent study by the Energy Information Administration shows that nearly a third of American households struggle to pay their electric bills. in fact, 25 MILLION households have to choose between paying their power bill and paying for food, medicine or other necessities – and 7 MILLION households have to make that decision almost every month!

At Low Income Relief, we know what it’s like to struggle with a high power bill. We’ve wrestled with the low income lifestyle for a while… and once, we even received a $3,364 power bill!

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That’s not a typo.

It was a $3,364 power bill!!!

In this video, I’m going to tell you how we secured $2,300 in pledges toward that balance. I’m also going to tell you how we received $18,000 in FREE home improvements that reduced our power consumption dramatically.

Fortunately, programs like this exist all across America. Our research team is investigating all of the utilities companies across America to find out what help is available to you when you need it. We’re looking into community assistance programs, government grants and laws that can help you save money on your utilities.

To see what help is available in YOUR area, please visit

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You can get more information about the free home improvements we received here:

You can get more information about the pledges we received here:

If you’re struggling with inadequate heating or cooling (or if you need disability modifications or other assistance), check this state-by-state list of free home improvements grants:

Save money and get free stuff! You can always find help at

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