NEW $2,000 4th Stimulus Check Plan is Revealed | BIG FOURTH STIMULUS PACKAGE UPDATE

NEW $2,000 Stimulus Check Plan is Revealed | BIG 4TH STIMULUS PACKAGE UPDATE
In an April statement, Wolf said that his PA Opportunity Program would give checks to all Pennsylvania residents and taxpayers and that the money would help Americans cover bills as inflation continues to rise. “Pennsylvanians should not have to choose between paying for utilities or groceries, child care or gas. We have the opportunity and the means to ensure they’re not struggling, to ensure their success,” the governor said in a press release. “I’m asking the General Assembly to unite across aisles on this for the sake of every Pennsylvanian – for when they succeed, our commonwealth succeeds. Let’s get this money out of our coffers and into the pockets of Pennsylvanians.”Under the scheme, only those earning less than $80,000 per year would receive the $2,000 checks. The program would also use the federal funds to help people pursue education and job training. If the money isn’t used by the state of Pennsylvania, it will need to be returned to the federal government by the end of 2024. Acting Human Services Secretary Meg Snead urged state legislators on Thursday to pass the plan, stressing that the stimulus checks would be a huge help for residents struggling to cover the cost of fuel, food, and other consumer goods.


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