MORE $1755 CHECKS THIS MONTH | SSI, SSDI, Seniors, Social Security | RAISE APPROVED | $1000 Giveaway

MORE $1755 CHECKS THIS MONTH | SSI, SSDI, Seniors, Social Security | RAISE APPROVED | $1000 Giveaway
Social Security update: SSI recipients will receive rare double payments in December worth $1,755. Recipients of Supplemental Security Income are set to receive their second of two December payments in three weeks, closing out the 2022 calendar and kicking off the next year’s payment schedule. Eligible recipients will receive their first payment of $841 on Dec. 1 and their second payment of $914 on Dec. 30, equaling a total of $1,755 for the month, according to the Social Security Administration. The second installment of December’s payments is higher than the first due to payments increasing in 2023, partly in response to the rising yearly cost-of-living adjustments to keep up with inflation. December is one of three months in the year in which people receive two Supplemental Security Income payments. The other months with two installments this year were April and September. The double payments offset the months in which no payment is sent out to ensure eligible recipients receive 12 payments a year, according to the schedule. These months include January, May, and October. Eligible couples will receive two payments of $1,261 for the month of December, with that amount increasing to $1,371 in 2023. Essential persons, meaning someone who lives with a person receiving Supplemental Security Income and provides necessary care, will receive one payment of $421 and a second payment of $458, to be paid out on the same days.

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