IT’S READY! ! SSI and SSDI Checks Are Coming This Week

Every year, Social Security ssi and ssdi checks are coming this week payments are distributed to millions of elderly and disabled Americans. Social Security payouts are divided into three categories: retirement, survivor, and disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) typically takes six weeks to process your application and begin providing benefits. This time period, however, might vary. If you have not worked or do not have enough Social Security credits to qualify for your own SSI and SSDI, Social Security benefits, you may be able to receive spousal benefits. The spouse of a retired worker can receive up to half of their spouse’s benefits. To qualify for SSI AND SSDI spouse’s benefits, you must be either at least 62 years of age or any age and caring for a child entitled to receive benefits on your spouse’s record and who is younger than age 16 or disabled. If you choose to begin receiving SSI and SSDI spouse’s benefits before you reach full retirement age, your benefit amount will be permanently reduced. The spousal benefit continues until one spouse dies, after which the survivor may be eligible for survivor benefits.

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