IMPORTANT! Steps To Keep Getting SNAP, EBT, P-EBT Food Stamps Update 2022/2023

IMPORTANT! Steps To Keep Getting SNAP, EBT, P-EBT Food Stamps Update 2022/2023
There’s a continuing need for aid when it comes to putting food on the table for millions of people across the US. Inflation is placing further stress on the more than 41.5million Americans who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).People who rely on SNAP must meet certain requirements in order to receive government benefits. Among those requirements is some form of employment or work training. SNAP has an employment and training (E&T) program available for food stamp recipients. This is just one of the several requirements to receive monthly benefits.In addition, eligible adults without dependents are required to work or participate in a work program for at least 20 hours per week in order to receive SNAP benefits for more than three months in a 36-month period.You must apply for SNAP in the state in which you live because each state has a different application form and process. Kansas recently passed a law requiring able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWD) who work less than 30 hours a week to complete an employment and training program to get SNAP benefits. The Department of Children and Families reported in April 2022 about 14,500 ABAWD receiving SNAP benefits in Kansas. The new law will go into effect on July 1. In New York, SNAP ABAWDs are required to put in at least 80 hours per month in a qualifying work or training program. Currently, that state law is waived until September 30, 2022. It’s best to check with your state agency to make sure you are meeting any requirements in order to continue receiving monthly SNAP benefits.

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