HUGE NEWS! Social Security, SSI and SSDI Checks Coming in 2 Days

Time to learn about the social security, ssi and ssdi checks coming in 2 days as It is an important update. The second round of Social Security checks reflecting the new 5.9% cost of living adjustment went out this month, and recipients are now waiting on the third, coming in March. The COLA increase was the largest in nearly 40 years for those who qualify for the adjustment, and it could not come at a more welcome time. U.S. inflation now sits at a whopping 7.5%, and is expected to keep rising as the pandemic and supply chain issues it has caused rage on.If you feel Social Security does not provide enough income to meet your basic needs, you may be eligible to apply for Supplemental Security Income ssi and ssdi checks to receive an additional ssi and ssdi checks benefit on top of your monthly SS check. SSI will be paid out on March 1. If you began receiving Social Security before May 1997, or you receive both Social Security and SSI, you will receive your SSI payment on March 1, and your Social Security, ssi and ssdi cehcks and payment on March 3. You can check on your benefit payments, statements and all other Social Security concerns by creating your own mySocialSecurity account online. This will give you 24/7 access to your Social Security account and allow you to obtain benefit statements and verification letters instantly to take care of most administrative needs from the comfort of your own home.

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