How to Get Free Museum Tickets for Museum Day

Have you heard about Museum Day?! This annual event provides each registrant with a FREE museum ticket for two people.

Every year, Museum Day invites people to visit some of the country’s best museums and cultural institutions completely free. Today, I’d like to show you how to claim your free tickets.

More than 750 museums and cultural institutions participate in this program. These include art museums, history museums, science centers, air and space museums, children’s museums, zoos, and botanical gardens. Some of my favorite museums, including MoPop in Seattle, participate in this program.

Any adult with a valid email address can claim a free ticket. Each ticket covers the named individual and one additional guest, so you can bring a friend with you! If you want to bring more people along, your additional guests will need to bring their own Museum Day tickets or pay regular admission.


There’s an easy three-step process to getting your Museum Day tickets.

The first step is the hardest. It’s choosing the museum you want to visit! With over 750 choices, there’s quite a selection. You can use the search filters on the Museum Day website to narrow the list to your state and the type of museum you want to visit.

To get the best benefit out of your Museum Day tickets, I recommend skipping museums that are always free, have frequent free days or offer free passes from your local library. If you have an EBT card, I would also skip museums that offer free admission to people with EBT. You can get that full list at For Museum Day, choose a museum that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to visit any other day.

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Make sure you choose the right museum, because you can’t change your mind later! Once you choose, you’re stuck.

Once you’ve decided on your museum, the rest is easy. Click the “get ticket” button next to the museum you wish to attend and download your tickets. Make sure you pay attention to any special requirements. For example, some museums require you to print your tickets.

Of course, if you love Museum Day, you’d love all the other free museum admission programs we’ve found. Be sure to stop by to find even more ways that you can get free tickets!

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