How to Get Free Christmas Gifts and Food

We’ve found Christmas help for low income families! If your family needs a little help this holiday season, be sure to watch this and visit our website at

The holidays should be magical, but those extra expenses are a huge burden on low income families. I recently read that over 44% of all children live in low income households and we want to help all of those children experience the magic of the holidays this year.

Every year, we see a last minute surge of traffic on our Christmas assistance series… so this year, we’re making a concerted effort to get the word out about these holiday assistance programs before the deadlines pass.

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Some of these programs start registering children as early as September, so it’s important to know what’s available in your area. Otherwise, you could miss important deadlines.

You can see a full list of Christmas assistance programs at

These programs distribute free Christmas meals, free Christmas gifts and other benefits to low income families. The details, criteria and deadlines vary depending on which agency you are applying with.

I hope this information is helpful to you!

Low Income Relief is an information service that connects millions of Low Income Americans with benefits, resources and programs in their local communities. If you are low income, you can find help at!

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