How to Buy a House with Down Payment Assistance — You Could Get $25,000+ in Some Areas!

If you’re low income, you need to know how to buy a house with down payment assistance! In many areas, mortgages may be much more affordable than rent. We’ve found tons of DPA programs that provide up to $125,000 toward your down payment and expenses!

Many low income households feel stuck with rent because they don’t know how to buy a house in their individual circumstances. If that’s you, don’t lose hope! We’ve found a lot of programs that can help.

The type and amount of down payment assistance you may be able to receive really depends on where you buy your home. Although there are some nationwide or multi-state programs, the majority of these grants and low-cost loans are specific to the states, counties or even cities where you want to buy your home.

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Of course, you can always find a full list of down payment assistance grants and other low income programs for first time home buyers at

Generally, the down payment assistance programs are either provided as grants (which do not have to be repaid) or as low-cost loans (which often don’t have to be repaid until you move or sell the home). We’ll explain all that in the video.

We’ll also tell you about the $5,000 down payment assistance grant that we received when we purchased our home! This grant helped us purchase our home with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. We did not have to pay anything toward our down payment at all!

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Best of all, these programs also work with FHA loans, VA loans, and other popular programs for low income first time home buyers.

We have a list of the various loan programs and down payment assistance programs at

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