How Biden CAN HELP NOW | Stimulus Package Update | 30 MM NEED Help By Stand Alone Bills

Stephen Gardner Updates his community on BIden’s Stimulus Bill Package and the need for smaller, stand along stimulus bills. Use code STEPHEN16 for up to 16 FREE MEALS + 3 Surprise Gifts across 6 HelloFresh boxes plus free shipping ! Biden was defeated by the Supreme Court on vaccine mandates and also by members of his own party on removing the filibuster bill. The filibuster was used just today to stop Senator Ted Cruz’s bill to sanction the Russia Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Biden has an opportunity to redeem himself and the American people by getting off the $2 trillion build back better bill and making it into several strategically targeted stand alone bills that help Americans. 30 million americans lost their child tax credit check help. 25 million would benefit from a stimulus check. Most parents want daycare help more than a 14th year of free schooling. Biden needs to get back in touch with the American people and their needs.

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– Fourth Stimulus Check Update
– Important Updates From Congress
– The Stock Market
– Child tax credit 2021
– IRS tax refunds
– Student Loan Forgiveness
– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th & 5th Stimulus Check Update
– Unemployment tax situation
– President Biden’s Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill
– President Biden’s American Families Plan
– Life Insurance
– Home Loans
– Silver and Gold investing
– Dividend Paying Stocks
– stimulus package update

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