GOOD NEWS! SSI Benefits Raise in 36 States | SSDI, Social Security, Disability 2022

Find out about the important ssi benefits raise in 36 states also known as ssdi benefits raise or also called social security benefits raise or in more terms disability benefits raise. 8 million Americans are estimated to collect SSI each month, with the highest amount being $841 in 2022. This isn’t enough to pay for everything, but some people will see a boost in payments depending on which state they reside in. SSI works to provide support in the form of money for people in need over the age of 65, or blind or disabled children and adults. Some states add more money to those receiving federal SSI. Your amount changes depending on what other income you may have. In order to get benefits, you need to be a citizen of the United States, a national, or a noncitizen that qualifies for this benefit. You need to reside in the states, D.C., or Northern Mariana Islands to get the benefits. The only exceptions are children of military parents stationed outside of the country or students abroad. States usually send the payments at the same time as federal payments. SSI and Social Security benefits are not likely to arrive on the same day.

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