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Stephen Gardner Update. Biden promises to lower gas prices by suspending the federal gas tax. CASH GIVEAWAY: However, President Obama previously mocked this move as a gimmick. As proof an administration had no more moves up its sleeve. Biden’s own economic advisors have admitted this gas tax suspension will not be a silver bullet. AOC says congress needs another raise. She said you can’t live or start a family on $174,000 a year. Jerome Powell says avoiding a US recession is going to be hard. He confirmed under oath that inflation was well on its way to being out of control before Putin so the Putin Price Hike is totally made up to make Putin look worse than Biden. Congress plans to add $37 billion to the military budget. Janet Yellen believes most Americans have lots of extra money in savings to weather the storm she helped create. The FED raising rates will hurt in 3 ways. Credit card payments could go up. Auto and home loans will be much more expensive and we could see hyperinflation or a recession if things doing improve.

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– Fourth Stimulus Check Update
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– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th & 5th Stimulus Check Update
– Unemployment tax situation
– President Biden’s Build Back Better Infrastructure Bill
– President Biden’s American Families Plan
– Life Insurance
– Home Loans
– Silver and Gold investing
– Dividend Paying Stocks
– stimulus package update

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This title used to be Government Shut Down Update | Stimulus By Executive Order Requested | Biden’s $1 Billion Commitment

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