Food Shortages Increase | Costco Shortages Are HERE | Limit Buys | Prepare NOW | SHTF

Costco Shortages Are HERE | Limit Buy & Food Shortages Pile Up

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The food shortages that we are currently seeing at Costco are getting worse. Nobody is telling you to prepare. These food shortages are going to cause a lot of panic very soon. If you go to Costco and you see empty shelves are you going to stock up, or will you walk past the Isle? Not only is Costco limiting buys on grocery products but they are selling out of products that they currently don’t have on stock.

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One thing I can tell you is you need to prepare for multiple shortages. We are seeing water shortages, meat shortages, packaged Goods in short supply, medication shortages, and above all else purchasing limits. These are things that the American people cannot live without. When we see empty shelves at Costco this creates panic, and people start to buy items that they don’t need. In times of high inflation this is not the best way to go. What I recommend is be prepared but be ready for what is to come.

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