Finally! Announcement for the Low Income

Finally! Announcement for the low income
In this video, we are discussing a new announcement that was just released out of the administration that will directly impact low income and fixed income beneficiaries of Social Security, SSDI, SSI as well as snap Beneficiaries and Medicaid Beneficiaries. This is in regards to the low income and a recent announcement out of the administration. We are always watching everything in regards to money, benefits, Social Security Raise, SSDI raise, SSI Raise, Benefit Raise and so much more. In this video we are discussing the announcement out of the administration in regards to the public health emergency declaration and the extension. The public health emergency declaration has been extended once again as we discussed in this detailed video, this will also impact the low income and fixed income in a good way. We will continue watching for additional money, benefits, reformed Benefits, Raise to Benefits, Social Security benefit increase, SSDI Benefit Increase, SSI benefit increase and any additional changes.
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