EXTRA CASH IN 33 STATES | SSI, SSDI, Social Security & Seniors | DECEMBER 2022 | $1000 Giveaway

EXTRA CASH IN 33 STATES | SSI, SSDI, Social Security & Seniors | DECEMBER 2022 | $1000 Giveaway
CASH IN $1,755 December SSI direct payment boost will help with Christmas costs – do you live in the 33 states giving bonuses? AMERICANS in 33 states enjoy an extra boost when it comes to certain Social Security benefits, and it’ll come in handy this holiday season. Qualifying recipients should have received a December 1 payment and can expect another before the month is over. If you receive Supplemental Security Income payments, the first one of the month, distributed on the first day of December, should have parsed through in the amount of $841. While the next payment would normally kick off on New Year’s Day, it falls on a Sunday this year, so December 30 is the new payment date, as it is standard practice for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to choose the closest business day to push out dividends. Payments from then forth will reflect the 2023 amount of $914 per payment. Thanks to the double payment in December, some Americans will get $1,755.SSI payments are for Americans who are 65 years of age or older, as well as for disabled or blind children or adults. While any qualifying person can apply to receive SSI, payment amounts will vary.

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