EXPOSED: New Inflation Bill Details Revealed | Sanders Fights For Child Tax Credit Checks & Seniors

Stephen Gardner Update. Inflation Reduction Bill filled with pork and delayed help. August CASH GIVEAWAY: Senate and house pass the inflation reduction bill which is really a green energy bill stripped of all stimulus help. No stimulus check and not real inflation reduction as promised. 87,000 IRS agents will be used against Americans. FBI investigated Trump on the espionage act and now want him to serve 10 years in jail. Some want him barred from running for office. Classified documents were found at Mar a Lago but Trump says they were declassified. Articles of impeachment were filed against Merrick Garland. The head of the UN wants all UN Nations to levy heavy taxes against oil companies to drive prices down. Biden is fighting to keep promises and keep abortion for women. Inflation data in July really only showed reduction in gas prices but prices in all other areas, including food were actually higher. Bernie Sanders fought for the child tax care monthly checks and help for seniors with eyecare, hearing aids and dental but democrats rejected his ideas as it might prevent them from passing the inflation reduction bill before the midterm elections.


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This title used to be Government Shut Down Update | Stimulus By Executive Order Requested | Biden’s $1 Billion Commitment

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