Eviction Ban: 5 Things to Do Before You Get Evicted in 2021

The eviction ban has been extended but the day of reckoning is coming. If you’re wondering, ”What will I do when the eviction moratoriums end?” then you need to watch this video for five things you can do right now to protect yourself from eviction in 2021.


Here are the links promised in the video:

Low Income Relief –
Eviction Ban resources (including databases with eviction bans tracked in real-time) –
Legal Aid –

0:00 – Millions facing homelessness
0:21 – Low Income Relief
1:03 – What do I do when the eviction moratorium ends?
1:07 – Check for protection
1:50 – Seek rental assistance
3:14 – Negotiate with your landlord
4:27 – Seek other assistance programs
4:55 – Contact free legal resources
5:14 – Conclusion

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Low Income Relief is a free information service that helps low income people connect with resources, benefits and programs in their local communities. Basically, we help people save money and get free stuff!

Millions of people get help from Low Income Relief every year. Find out how we can help you at LowIncomeRelief.com.


As many as 19 million people will be at risk of eviction early this year, according to The National Low Income Housing Coalition. In this video, we’re going to discuss five things you need to do as soon as possible if you’re at risk of eviction.

I’m Nicole from Low Income Relief, where we help millions of people across America
save money and get free stuff.

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Before we begin, I want to acknowledge that the eviction moratorium has not been flawless. Some people have still been evicted, either because landlords have found loopholes, judges ignored the ban on evictions, or tenants didn’t know how to use this moratorium to protect themselves. Since the moratorium required renters to sign declarations and meet other requirements, some landlords even threatened their tenants with perjury charges in order to evict them.

However, for the millions of households that have been protected by this moratorium, the dark day of reckoning is coming… and the question we keep getting asked is, “What do I do when the eviction moratorium ends?”

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Fortunately, we’ve found a few resources that can help.

FIRST, see if you are protected in any way.

There are many different organizations and layers of government that are enacting protections for tenants. It is important to see if you are protected in any way, shape or form from eviction.

For example, the federal government’s ban on evictions has recently been extended to the end of January 2021. However, Governor Inslee has extended the eviction ban in Washington State until the end of March. As of the time that I created this video, there are a few other states that have extended their eviction bans as well.

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