Elon Musk ISSUES DIRE WARNING To Biden And Americans.

The Federal Reserve headed towards crashing the US economy in order to avoid a depression. Want to protect your money and wealth. Gold and Silver will help protect your wealth. Email and say Stephen sent me to get the best info and the best prices in the country guaranteed. Democrats are starting to rise in the polls again despite new legislation having very little effect on lowering inflation. Democrats say their spending has not led to runaway inflation but corporate greed. Famous podcaster Joe Rogan said he will be telling his listeners to vote republican in order to getting spending and inflation back under control. Trump continues to struggle in is defense of having classified documents at Mar a Lago. Judge will allow a special master but FBI and DOJ say they have already reviewed the documents. The editor of the New York Times wants to see trump indicted and jailed for life. Student loan debt forgiveness might end up in the Supreme court or congress. Also, states are saying people could owe as much as $1100 since this forgiveness is really income. Elizabeth Warren says the Fed is in danger of pushing US into a bad recession. The Fed said they must cause people and businesses pain in order to avoid more pain. 350,000 manufacturing jobs are coming back to the United States. Elon Musk says governments need to start pumping oil now to avoid a global economic collapse. See my Andy Schetchman interview about the Great Reset to understand whats really going on and why gold and silver might be your best play.

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