Electrical Grid Failure | Roads Buckling & 232 Million People Being Impacted | Extreme Heat Wave

Electrical Grid Failure | Roads Buckling & 232 Million People Being Impacted | Extreme Heat Wave

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We are about to go through a massive heat wave. With these heat waves are electrical grid will be tested. We have already seen much of the United States get a heat advisory warning. These heat advisory warnings should not be overlooked, we should prepare while we still have time. If you want to know how to stay cool in hot weather or how to stay cool without AC or how to stay cool without electricity then this video is for you. We will see multiple power outages. when the climate changes and we see more of the US go under a heat advisory warning that is when you know we need to make changes. If you experience a power outage at home then make sure you stay cool, stay out of the Sun, and drink lots of water.

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