Can’t Get a Bank Account? We’ve found 100+ Second Chance Banking Options!

Can’t open a bank account? I’ve been there – and it’s so frustrating! Fortunately, we’ve found options.

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TRANSCRIPT: Can’t get a bank account? I’ve been there. If you’ve had a bad banking experience in the past, it can be very difficult to open a new account elsewhere… but we’ve found options!

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If you can’t get a bank account, you need to know about second chance banking. That’s the phrase that most banks and credit unions use. Second chance banking means that they know you’ve had a bad history, but they’re willing to give you another chance.

Second chance banking means that you won’t be denied or penalized because of a bad banking experience in your past. These accounts give you the opportunity to re-establish yourself and build a positive banking history… and in some cases, they offer some incredible benefits that you won’t find at traditional banks!

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The problem is that most traditional banking institutions rely on a system called ChexSystems. ChexSystems is like a credit report for bank history. It keeps a record of your past closed accounts, overdraft fees, bounced checks or fraudulent activity. If ChexSystems indicates that you’re a risk, you usually can’t get a bank account.

That is, unless you give second chance banking a try.

Second chance banking is ideal for anyone who has experienced any of the following scenarios:
Your bank account was closed involuntarily.
You have unpaid negative balances.
You’ve had fraudulent activity in your account.
You’ve recently been denied a traditional checking account.
You want to improve your ChexSystems score so you can open a standard checking account.
There are many bank accounts, banks and credit unions that offer second chance banking options. We are going to review a few of the major ones in this video, but there are many local options as well. We have a complete list of nationwide and state-by-state second chance banking options at

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Please remember that not all of these options are created equal. You’ll need to watch out for red flags like excessive fees or minimum balance requirements. In our Low Income Relief post, we also have a list of red flags you’ll need to watch for.


If you can’t get a bank account, you should check out Chime. Chime is an online bank account with incredible perks. You can get fee-free access to 38,000+ ATMs. There are no ridiculous bank fees, no service fees, no overdraft fees and you can get paid up to two days early with a Chime account! If you have direct deposit set up, you may be able to receive that deposit early. It’s awesome.

If you’re interested in Chime, please check out the affiliate link in the description below. It won’t cost you anything, but we will receive a small commission to help support our channel.


American United Federal Credit Union is another option. They have a second chance banking account called Fresh Start Checking. Members have access to 5,000 branches and more than 2,000 self-service locations throughout the US, including Puerto Rico, Guam and international military bases!

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Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking is another popular option. It’s also one that I’ve tried myself. Remember those red flags I mentioned early? Wells Fargo has almost all of them.

I do not recommend Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking because I had a number of bad experiences with it. I’ve also heard horror stories from others. But if you don’t have any other options and can’t get a bank account anywhere else, this might help.


Of course, there’s no reason that you can’t get a bank account at one of the other providers in our list. As of this recording, we have five nationwide second chance banking options and well over 100 local providers in our state-by-state list.

You can find the full list at

I hope this video has been helpful to you! Thanks for watching, and be sure to subscribe to our channel so you never miss another freebie or money-saving update!

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