Can I Homeschool for Free? [4 Resources]

Over the last few months, many of my friends have asked me, ”Can I homeschool for free?” I have 10 years of experience in homeschooling, so I’m always happy to answer this question.

The answer, of course, is a resounding YES.

And I’ll show you how in this video!

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Can I homeschool for free? I’m asked this question constantly. I’ve homeschooled my five children for nearly ten years, so I have a bit of experience in this department. Since so many of my friends are asking, I thought I might answer this question for you as well.

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The answer to “Can I homeschool for free?” is absolutely YES! It is possible to teach your children at home without investing in expensive curriculums, materials, or supplies.

In this video, I’m going to review a few ways that you can homeschool for free.

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Of course, you will still need standard supplies such as pens and paper. Computer or library access may be required as well. However, since these costs are also expected for public school, I’m not counting them as homeschool expenses. If those things are difficult for you to obtain, please visit our website to learn how you can get free school supplies and even free computers! I’ll put a link to those articles in the description for your convenience.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a resource that I used when we first started homeschooling. EP was designed by Lee Giles, a homeschooling parent who created courses ranging from preschool to high school.

Their materials cover topics including reading, language arts, math, computer, logic, ancient history, geography, cultures, foreign languages, PE, modern history, music, art, and science.

The complete, free curriculum does have a Christian basis but can be customized to your individual needs. It’s everything you need to homeschool your children, laid out in lesson-by-lesson format, and completely free!

Khan Academy is another great resource. If you want to homeschool for free, Khan Academy is an absolute staple.

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This non-profit organization seeks to provide a free world-class education to literally everyone through their website, During the Coronavirus pandemic, they added a recommended schedule and numerous parent-teacher resources.

Khan Academy offers math courses ranging from number recognition to AP calculus and college courses. They also offer high school level science courses, history courses, economics, life skills, reading and language arts from preschool to 9th grade, and test prep for the SAT, LSAT and Praxis Core. They are constantly expanding their offerings and it’s all free!

My children have found that Khan Academy teaches the topics thoroughly and is fun to use. It’s one of my favorite free homeschool tools.

Ambleside Online is another free Christian-based curriculum. I will admit that I have not used or tried this service, but I do know that it exists.

Virtual Academies

Virtual academies are another great option for families that want to find a middle ground between public schooling and homeschooling. While not technically homeschooling, these online public schools provide free materials and curriculums for students. You will still have a teacher overseeing your progress and you will still have support from the school.

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K12 is a very popular online school. There are free online public schools using K12 in almost every state. This organization serves students in all grade levels. They require many supplies that are similar to traditional schools, and they will ship all the required materials to your home.

When we tried this, they shipped four huge boxes of supplies for my one first-grader. It was everything we needed for an entire year! They included workbooks, math shapes, counting cubes, a scale, writing paper and so much more. It was awesome – and he was so excited to dig and start learning!

It is important to remember that K12 is an online public school. Students are expected to keep pace with the class, spend 5-6 hours per day learning, and meet all state standards, assessments and requirements. Students who graduate from a K12 school will be given a standard high school diploma.

Our family has tried K12, but we stopped using K12 halfway through our first year because it wasn’t a good fit for our family…

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