Buy Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks | How To Invest In 2021 Like Warren Buffett

The Next Stimulus Package Could Sink Or Raise The Economy. How To Invest In 2021 Like Warren Buffett.

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Why is Warren Buffett suddenly interested in gold mining stocks?
Why is Buffett suddenly a believer in Gold?
Why is Ray Dalio holding part of his investment portfolio in precious metals?
What are these billionaires and world famous investors seeing that you and I are not when it comes to protecting and growing money in 2021?

US Congress needs to get this next stimulus package right. Too big and it could devalue the US dollar. Too small and it could force the economy into another Great Depression.

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This is your second stimulus check and second stimulus package update on stimulus check 2 news for December 10, 2020

On this channel I cover stimulus check updates, stimulus package updates and any new developments regarding the next stimulus relief package.

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So far the Cares Act has been signed into law by President Trump, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Congress proposed the stimulus checks and stimulus packages in March.

We are now waiting on the Hero’s Act to pass so we will know whether stimulus money will be paid to the American people. We are waiting to see if essential workers will be paid hero’s pay or essential workers pay. We are waiting to hear on federal unemployment, back to work bonuses and PUA weekly income for unemployed people.

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This channel also covers the PPP or Paycheck Protection Program, the EIDL Grant and EIDL loan program through the SBA or Small Business Administration.

This channel also educates people on Smart Money Tips, Personal Development and Words of Encouragement.

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Stephen is on a mission to help strengthen America one family at a time.

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Make sure to stay up to date on the next stimulus check, stimulus package, PPP, EIDL Grant and EIDL loan so you don’t miss out on your money. Also, Stephen makes sure to do research on unemployment, rent and mortgage assistance, food assistance programs, SBA Loans, IRS, President Trump, Steve Mnuchin of the Treasury Department, The Senate, Congress and the House of Representatives.

I appreciate your trust in regards to the IRS Stimulus Check information. I believe a second stimulus check and second stimulus package will happen and updates on the second stimulus check 2 will be coming soon.

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