BIG UPDATE! Social Security, SSI and SSDI Checks Coming in 7 Days

Learn schedule of social security, ssi and ssdi checks coming in 7 days as It is very important. Millions of Americans use benefit programs through the Social Security Administration every month, but not everyone gets paid at the same time. This will be the third month in 2022 that those collect benefits see the 5.9% COLA increase. While it’s the highest increase in recent history, inflation has passed 7.5% and Medicare costs increased. SSDI checks coming and Social Security benefits payment dates. Social Security is commonly collected by seniors once they retire in their 60s. Which day you get it depends on what day of the month you were born. The checks are sent the second, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month. SSI and ssdi benefits go out on the first of every month. This means those collecting SSI will see their checks next week on March 1. Adults who are blind and/or disabled can benefit from SSI and ssdi checks.

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