$816 + $1,337 + $1,877 for Social Security – Surprising

$816, $1337, $1877 for Social Security, surprising
In this video, we’re discussing a very important report that was released by the senior citizens league as well as some of their discoveries based on Social Security beneficiaries over the last few years. We can clearly see with the numbers that are described here in this video in regards to Social Security beneficiaries, beneficiaries should be receiving significantly more money on an ongoing monthly basis right now. This is a report out of the senior citizens Lee which is a big powerful advocacy group which focuses on fixed income beneficiaries and those people receiving benefits from the Social Security administration. Here on this channel, blind to billionaire we are consistently watching anything in regards to Social Security, SSDI, SSI, low income, fixed income benefits administered by the Social Security administration, and anything else in regards to money, checks, increases to Social Security benefits, Social Security increase, SSDI increase, SSI increase, low income benefit increase and anything else you can possibly get right now. This is a Social Security update, SSDI update, SSI update, low income benefit update.
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