7 Easy Ways to Get Transportation Assistance

Need transportation assistance for low income people in the United States? I’ve found several programs that can help. In this video, we’re going to cover more than seven ways that you can get transportation assistance near you. We’ve found transportation help for seniors, cancer patients and more in all 50 US states, including Missouri, Kentucky, NC and more!

If you’ve been searching for ’transportation assistance near me,’ then you can’t afford to miss this video!


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How to Get a Real Car For Free (In Real Life)

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Option 1: Get a Free Car
01:23 Option 2: Public Transportation Discounts
01:53 Option 3: Bike Share Discounts
02:26 Option 4: Free Rides from Lyft
03:59 Option 5: Free Rides for Medical Care
04:47 Option 6: Free Rides for Disabled Veterans
05:14 Option 7: Free Rides from TANF
06:35 BONUS: Other Free Transportation Options


Low Income Relief is a free information service that connects low income people across America with benefits, programs and resources in their local communities. Basically, we help millions of people save money and get free stuff every year!


Need transportation assistance for low income people in the United States? I’ve found several programs that can help.

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I’m Nicole from Low Income Relief, where we help millions of low income people save money and get free stuff.

We get a lot of requests for transportation assistance for low income people. And it’s no surprise, because the Leadership Conference Education Fund found that low income people typically spend 42% of their income on transportation costs. So we dug in and did some research… and found several programs that can help, but some only help with specific needs… so be sure to stick around to the end of this video so you don’t miss any!

First, you may be able to get a free car.

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A while back, we did a video about how to get a free car in real life. I know that sounds fake, I know. Part of the reason we had to phrase it that way is because so many people search YouTube for information about how to get a free car in whatever video game they’re playing… but we only deal with real life on this channel. Anyway, we have found several ways that low income people can get a free car. I know they work, because my family won one back in 2017! Anyway, be sure to check out that other video or LowIncomeRelief.com/free-cars for more information.


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