$400 Really!? | Housing & Rent Crisis Coming 2022 Explained

Check out my Freedom Lover shirt Thanks For Watching & Sharing My Videos! $400 a day tax payer money to put illegal immigrants up in Posh New York Hotels. President Biden will be going on a roadshow to share with American voters all the ways the new inflation reduction bill helps the country. However, many democrats are now admitting the bill does almost nothing to lower your bills now. Rent is skyrocketing and home sales are dropping like we haven’t seen since the great recession. Advocate groups are calling on Biden and the White House to intervene on affordable housing. But it isn’t likely they will do much because landlords own the homes not the government and even government leaders like Pramila Jayapal collected $100,000 in rent while publicly calling for landlords to forgive rent. Liz Cheney will likely lose her house seat In Wyoming today. Mayor Adams has been spendin $400 a day to put illegal immigrants up in posh hotels using tax payer money. Meanwhile new yorkers and american taxes payers get no help, only higher taxes. Paul Krugman says Biden’s problem is he’s too good of a President. So he’s not to blame for inflation or a recession but for being too excellent.

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