3 Ways to Get More Food Stamps in 2022

Wondering how to get more food stamps in 2022? Of course you are – and you’re not alone… because let’s face it: food stamps are never enough to get by.

EBT payments tend to go down a bit at the start of the year. Why? Because all of those beautiful cost-of-living increases for other programs like Social Security mean that you have a higher income and a higher income means a lower EBT payment. And it sucks, because it means you’re not really getting ahead with those COLAs.

So let’s explore some ways that you could potentially get more food stamps in 2022.

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How are food stamps calculated?

7 surprising things you can buy with EBT


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00:16 Why EBT Payments Go Down in January
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02:06 Step 2 (most seniors are missing out on this)
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